What you need to know about the new ‘NHL’ UI

The NHL has made its debut in the new NHL App, but that doesn’t mean the new interface is exactly the same.

In fact, the NHL’s new UI is much more expansive than previous iterations.

Read more:The new NHL UI lets you easily share and comment on your favourite players and teams, and lets you quickly and easily move between games.

In addition, the new UI allows you to quickly and safely switch between the NHL App and the new iOS or Android app, making it easier for fans to quickly share videos and photos and to share them with their friends.

The new NHL app also features a much wider selection of player and team photos and videos than previous versions.

The NHL app is currently available in the U.S. and Canada.

However, you can also sign up to be notified of the new features on the NHL app’s official website.

In the meantime, the app also has a few more minor improvements.

The game’s new score display now shows the player’s name and number in the upper left corner, instead of just his position in the ice.

In other news, the score display has also been adjusted so that the player names are bigger.

Finally, the ‘Nhl’ team icon has been removed from the player list in the player section of the app.

This means that fans can now access the player selection screen without having to scroll through the player info page.