The designer’s dream for Bengaluru: A guide to a city in transition

A design student from Kolkata who has moved to Bengaluru has created a guide to the city in the transition to digital and social media.

Sudhir Sharma, 28, said he had always wanted to be an artist but never got the chance to pursue that dream as he was only studying in design and architecture at a private college.

He now works as a graphic designer in Bengaluru and was part of the first class of students to get a job at Google’s Bengaluru headquarters.

“I got a job in the engineering department at Google and decided to work on the digital and digital media team and I had no experience in graphic design, which I had started doing in my engineering course,” he said.

Sidharth Nath, the CEO of the company, said the company has already launched its first product on the internet, a new social media app called ‘Catch Up’.

“The team is working on a mobile app which is a social media competitor to Facebook,” he told the Times Now channel.

“Catch up” is an online video chat service which is used by millions of people.

The service was launched in November.

Mr Nath said the startup, which launched in January, had received around 40,000 orders, mostly from local and international users.

It has now started to expand to other cities.

Mr Nath said it has already started making a push into Bengaluru, which he said was the “next big frontier” for the company.

He said the team has made “over 30 million” requests for products in the past three months.

He said it was a “challenge” to create a new product.

Mr Sharma said he has also been looking for ways to create an environment where employees feel more comfortable.

“We are creating a safe environment for employees to feel comfortable and safe,” he added.

He has also launched the ‘Lemon Bar’, a coffee bar which is part of a “new trend” in Bengalurus design.

“It is a coffee shop with a lemonade bar which you can enjoy in your own home, not in a cafe,” he explained.