The Art of the Web Designer

article Answering a question about what to design, designer and illustrator Alex Mauer has a very specific answer.

“I don’t like design,” he says.

“What I like is to design to entertain.

That’s it.”

This isn’t exactly the first time Mauer’s worked with the web.

Before the dawn of the Internet era, the art of web design was done entirely in ink and paper.

But with the advent of Photoshop, the ink-and-paper approach became a thing of the past.

With the advent, of course, of HTML 5, HTML Designer has taken the art form back to its roots and turned it into a powerful tool for designers and developers to create beautiful websites and applications.

“I don.t. like design.

What I like.

Is to design.

That.s it.”

– Alex Mazerau, designer, web designer, designer-in-residence, artist, illustrator at MTV News.

“Design is an essential skill in the world of design,” Mauer says.

“The world of web designers is like an encyclopedia that everyone needs to know.

You can start learning how to design with any designer, but the first few months are the most important.

It’s the learning curve, the learning, and the final stages.”

That’s where Mazer, along with the help of his partner and fellow designer, Matt Mullenweg, comes in.

Mazer has spent the past four years building a toolkit of tools that will teach you the basics of HTML and CSS, as well as JavaScript.

He explains to us how HTML Designer is different from other HTML design tools out there.

Design is a skill that you need to be good at”HTML Designer is a tool that you can learn.

I like to use it for things like a landing page, a navigation bar, a logo, a tag list, or anything you need a visual representation of.

If you have a logo that you have to use in your HTML markup, then I will show you how to do that in the HTML Designer.”

-Alex Mazerua, designer at MTVNews.

Mazor’s website design, with his logo on the left, shows you how you can use the tool.

This article was originally published by MTV News and is republished here with permission.