Which ui apps are worth your time?

Microsoft and its UWP platform have a lot of good things going for them, including a powerful user interface, a powerful productivity suite, and a range of new productivity tools for the enterprise.

Unfortunately, though, Microsoft’s flagship UWP apps aren’t exactly what you’d call great at productivity.

But they are certainly worth the effort, and with that in mind, here’s our pick of the best productivity-focused apps on the market.


Skype for Business Skype for business is a free, universal voice and video chat client for Microsoft’s Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

It’s a powerful alternative to Microsoft’s Skype for iOS and Android, which are both free, but offer far fewer features.

With Skype for Mac, Microsoft also offers a free version that’s built on a Microsoft Azure-powered platform.

The free version offers a wealth of video chat features, including voice and text messaging, video calling, and photo editing.

The paid Skype for Office suite for Windows, Android, and iOS is the same as the paid version, but offers more features.

It also has a new Office Lens feature that lets you view a range on-screen overlays.

Skype also offers Skype for Xbox Live, which is the online version of the company’s gaming service.

Skype will also run on a number of third-party browsers, including Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft Edge.


Google Docs and Google Drive Google Doc and Google Doc Plus are Microsoft’s open-source, document management tools for Windows.

Google Drive for Mac has a free-to-use version, while the full version costs $9.99 per month or $49.99 for a two-year subscription.

Google’s Docs app is also available for iPad and Android devices.


Office 365 Microsoft Office 365 is a new Microsoft-developed cloud service, but it’s built into the Windows 10 operating system.

Office365 is Microsoft’s version of OneDrive for Business, but its free version is also very good.

The service lets you store documents, photos, and documents in Microsoft’s cloud, and the cloud also syncs between multiple devices.


Microsoft Teams Microsoft’s Teams app is a cross-platform, cross-device collaboration tool.

The app has a wide range of collaboration features including group chats, voice, video, and PDF sharing, among other things.

Teams for Mac and Android are also available.


Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Teams Plus Microsoft’s Outlook and Microsoft Groups apps are free, and offer a range the Office 365 and Teams for Office apps offer.

The Outlook apps for Windows are also free.


Google Groups, Google Groups Plus, and Google Groups for Android Google Groups and Google Group for Android are free to download, but both of those apps offer Google Groups features.

Google also offers Groups for iOS, which includes Google Groups support for iOS.


Office Mobile Microsoft’s Office Mobile is a mobile productivity suite that includes the Office Online, Microsoft Office Mobile, and Office Online for Mac.

Microsoft Office Online and Microsoft Office for Mac are free.


Google Chrome and Google Chrome for Android The Chrome browser for Android offers a full suite of Chrome-based features, like tabs and popups, but Chrome for Mac doesn’t have a full Chrome experience.

Google is also working on Chrome for iPhone, but that isn’t available yet.


Office One Office One is a productivity suite for Microsoft Office that lets users store, edit, and collaborate with other Office users on one device.

Office for iOS is also included, but the Office for Android app is not yet available.


Office Web Apps For Android, Office Web is Microsoft Microsoft’s suite of productivity apps that offer basic editing and collaboration tools for Android.

Office Office Web for Android is a full version of Office Mobile.

OfficeWeb for Android also includes a range for Windows and Mac.

Officeweb for Mac is available on Mac and iOS.


iWork, Office Online For Mac, iWork for Mac for Android, iWeb, and iWeb Plus are free downloads.


Google Calendar and Google Calendar Plus Google Calendar is a calendar app for Windows for Android and iOS devices, as well as for Mac devices.

Google has also announced a calendar for iOS that will launch later this year.

Googlecalendar for iOS includes support for Google Calendar, but is not available yet for Mac or iOS.


OneDrive OneDrive is a cloud storage service for businesses and other organizations that lets them store, access, and manage documents and files in one place.

It has a full set of features, such as file management, video playback, and voice control, but there are some limitations for organizations.


Google Apps OneDrive also lets users manage their files on the OneDrive website.

One Drive for Android has a number or integrations that Google offers on Android.

One-click backup services are available, and OneDrive works