A new Google product has a design that’s simple, clean and easy to use

Google (US) title Google (formerly Google) introduces a new product that’s simpler and easier to use, says an article Google News article Google’s search engine is getting a redesign.

The new Google search box and a new search bar are seen here.

The company said it wanted to make it easy to find content, and make it easier for users to quickly find things.

Google’s latest design update comes in a few weeks.

The redesigned search box will look like a rectangle that fills the entire screen.

The search bar is now a rounded rectangle that moves in a circle around the search box.

The home page of the search bar now shows search results as well.

The logo in the top right of the screen now shows up when users tap a button on the bottom right of Google.

Google is also rolling out a new interface for the Google Search app.

The app is now in beta, and it has a new design that is simpler, cleaner and easier than the current design, Google said.

Google said it will roll out the new design over the next few weeks, but users who want to take advantage of it can do so today.

It’s not clear how much of the new interface will be in place.

Google (and its search partners) announced in April that it would overhaul its search interface, and Google+ has been redesigned to make Google search more appealing to people with different interests.

Google, which started in 2004, is the world’s largest search engine.

Google+ is a social network for users who use other services like Facebook and Twitter.

Google announced in October that it was overhauling its search and social interfaces.

Google redesigned its search engine in October and announced it was working on making the interface easier for new users.