How to create a unique infographic with this chart-like chart design

By now, you’ve probably seen some variation of the NHL’s chart-inspired design.

The NHL’s infographic design is based on a grid of squares that look like a circle and that represents the NHL team logos.

In the past, it has been possible to customize the grid by using a simple line or color palette, but the league has changed the grid to use a solid color and a single, consistent color palette.

The NHL has been using the same grid for years now, but now, the league is looking to update it with a new design that will be easier for people to read.

A new infographic design team is going to be working with the NHL to create the new design, according to a press release from the league.

The design team has been working on the new graphic for some time and is currently in the design phase, with the first design slated to be released in the spring of 2019.

The graphic will be created by NHL designer and senior graphic designer Mike Pincus.

He told CBC News that he and his team have already been working with NHL officials on the redesign, and the team has already created a video that is available for use in a variety of ways.

The new graphic design is part of a trend that the league and the league’s players association are going to see more of over the next several years.

The league has also been looking to improve the look of the league since its inaugural season in 2011.

For years, the logo was mostly gray, but a series of recent changes has allowed the league to go with a bolder color scheme and to add a bold blue stripe that represents NHL hockey’s “blue line.”

The new logo will also be much more readable, Pincis said.

The new design will be more visible than the old logo, which is “very readable and simple to read,” he said.

Pincuses team will be working closely with NHL players, officials, and others to make the new graphics as easy to understand as possible, and he believes the new logo design will make the league a more recognizable brand.