A new UI design from Pega that lets you block users

This is the first time Pega has created a UI design for an app that lets users block users, according to the Pega team.

A few weeks ago, Pega announced that its app Block was adding a new feature that lets apps block users and users block other apps, like Twitter and Facebook.

The new feature allows you to block people by tagging them as “people” and “not people.”

If you block people, the app will not show up in the search results.

This feature will be a major selling point for Pega.

The feature is available in both iOS and Android, and Pega says it will roll out to other platforms over the coming weeks.

“Block” will be one of the new features introduced in Pega’s new Block app, which is currently available in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

You can view the full Pega Block UI below: You can block people from accessing your app using tags that are similar to “people.”

The feature will launch in the next few weeks.

Pega is hoping that users will use the new feature to prevent other apps from making unwanted requests to their data, which could lead to them losing data, according a Pega spokesperson.

For now, Pegas new Block UI is not available in other apps yet.

The company also released a demo of the Pegas Block UI in the iOS App Store this week.

In the PeGA Block UI, users can tag people by using the following tags: people,friends,family,school,family members,home,schools,friends.

Pegas also introduced a “not friends” tag that users can use to block specific users or groups.

Users can tag the person or group they want to block with their friends and family, and they can tag other people as well.

Users also can use a simple “tag me” feature to block others in the app, and this feature is currently only available for iPhone and iPad.

The Pegas team said in the Peasey’s blog post that the feature will not affect how people can use the app.

“Pega Block will let you block other people, like friends and parents, from accessing the Peas’ app.

When you tag people, they will not be able to access your app,” the team wrote.

The team also noted that users do not have to make any changes to the app to use the feature.

Peasea’s Block app will be available for free in the coming months.

Peas Block will be the first app to launch with Pega Blocks new feature, according Pega, and it is not the first Pega app to let users block people.

A couple of years ago, the company launched PeasBlock, a version of Peas Blocks that let users tag other users as well, according the company.

A PeasBlocks app that let people tag others in PeasApps, Peas block app, Pease’s Block and Peas Apps.

Peases Block was launched in 2016 and PeaseApps was launched last year.

The app has about 500,000 users, and is currently being developed for the Android platform.

PeasingApps was acquired by Facebook in 2017, and the new app will also be available in 2018 on Google Play and the Apple Store.

The Block app lets users tag people using the same tags as Pease, but now they will have a block list feature, and will be able block people that Pease is unable to block.

In other words, Pea will not have access to data.

Pea Blocks has a “block users” feature that users also can block, which also lets Peas users tag users in Pease Blocks app.

Peasu, Peasu Blocks and Peasu Apps have all launched recently.

Peapases Blocks app also lets users create block lists, and then tag people that they do not want to see in the block list.

Users are also able to tag people in the App Store that Pea cannot tag.

The App Store version of the app has been downloaded more than 4 million times, and has more than 300,000 reviews.

Peashops Blocks is the only Peas apps app that is available for the Apple iOS and Google Android.