Google’s latest redesign: The new UI for the Pixel phone

Google has rolled out a new UI to its Pixel phone, which it says has a new look and feel.

The redesign, which was first spotted by Droid Life, looks like a more modern version of the previous design.

It has a more rounded shape, and a “pinch to zoom” feature.

The new design also adds a new icon in the top right corner that says “more,” which is a new feature for the Android phones that Google added to Android Nougat.

You can also now see a notification icon in your notifications, as well as the “New app” and “New tab” buttons in the upper right.

Google says that the new design is a big change from the previous Android phone, the Pixel, which had a square-like shape and a very rounded shape.

It looks like the Pixel 2 has changed.

In its first public announcement of Android N, Google said that it planned to roll out a few new features on the Pixel phones over the next few weeks.

The company’s new UI looks similar to the previous Pixel design, which Google added a few weeks ago.

It also added the “new tab” and notification icons.

It’s not clear how much the Pixel devices will be updated, but Google said the new UI will allow it to build more phones.

It’s also a step forward in the search giant’s attempt to be more of a Google, rather than an Android company.

Google said the Pixel will be the first Google device to have the Pixel Launcher, which lets users customize the look and layout of the home screen.

Google also announced that it has built a “mobile app discovery tool” that can be used to find apps for users in their homes.