New ui certification test to help teach new apps to Irish app developers

RTE is publishing the latest in a series of new Ui certification tests to help app developers learn the ins and outs of Ireland’s app development landscape.

The new tests will be available for Irish developers starting on Monday, June 26, and will be published by a team of professional app developers, who will provide the results to app developers through the ui app developer platform.

The new tests are part of an ongoing project to bring app developers up to speed with the requirements of Ireland for certification.

The first Irish certification exam for app developers took place in January, which saw more than 80 apps submitted to the certification programme.

The latest round of tests is part of a six-month programme designed to bring Irish app development to the Irish app market.

The first batch of tests took place on January 30 and were available for developers to take for free.

The second batch will be released on June 26 and will run through to the third round of certification tests, which will run until the end of June.