How to design a dashboard that works for your company

How to Design a Dashboard That Works for Your Company article Google has announced that it will be adding a new dashboard to the Android app store, bringing its dashboard functionality to iOS users.

The announcement is being made on Google+ as a beta for developers to test the new dashboard.

Users of the Android version of Google’s mobile platform will see the new feature in the Android settings menu.

In an update to the Dashboard app, Google has added new functionality to make it easier for you to create a dashboard.

It now allows you to upload a “dashboard” of your business information.

The dashboard will then show up as a “snapshot” on the right side of the screen.

The app also includes a new “dash” icon that shows up when you hover over your business data.

You can also create a “custom dashboard” that you can share to other users.

Google also announced new updates to the Analytics UI, adding an option to “Add an Analytics account” and an option for “Log into Google Analytics.”

The company also updated its Google+ community to add an option that allows users to share “Dashboard and Dashboard Snapshots” with others.

You can view the new functionality on the Google Developers site, where the beta will be available to download later this month.

The app will be updated to version 2.0 of Google Analytics next month.