‘Dart’ to ship next year with 4K UHD TVs, 4K streaming capabilities

DARPA is building an ultra-high-definition television that will cost less than a dime to make, according to an internal memo obtained by Axios.

The memo, obtained by the news outlet through a Freedom of Information Act request, details the project’s next-generation TVs, which will be manufactured in partnership with a Taiwanese manufacturer.

The devices will feature 4K video streaming capabilities, and are expected to ship later this year.

The announcement comes less than two months after Apple’s WWDC presentation showed off the first 4K Apple TV.

Darts were also shown off during the keynote of the Worldwide Developers Conference, where the company demonstrated new applications for the Apple TV, such as a gaming app that lets players navigate a game’s menus with their hands.

Apple is also expected to launch the Apple Watch, the most advanced smartwatch ever, this year, with an upcoming Apple TV app that will let you track how long you’ve been wearing the watch.

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